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Advanced Technology. Precise Technique. Personalized Care to Meet Your Specific Needs.

Clear the Path for Healing

What is the first step to being healthier? Removing whatever roadblocks are in your way! Dr. Dan discusses how to clear the path for better health by removing the interference that keeps us from healing.

The Specific Care You Need. The Results You Deserve

Dr. Dan is the only certified Pierce Results Systemâ„¢ practitioner in Southwestern Pennsylvania using the most technologically advanced methods to locate, analyze and correct subluxations (interference to the nervous system) through specific chiropractic adjustments.

Combining cutting edge science and timeless philosophy, Dr. Dan brings a unique perspective to his patients, helping individuals and families Get Healthy and Stay Healthy for Life.

Even if your condition is common, that doesn’t mean that it is normal or that you should needlessly suffer with it. Through technology, technique and trust, our patients find the relief they desire and the health they deserve.

The use of technology in the office is great! Seeing my progress on x-rays and thermal scans is very helpful,

 – Marlene

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Fermented Food Workshop

Tuesday, August 21st 6:30pm - 7:30pm Turo Family Chiropractic Join us for this month's Free Just for the Health of It Event: Fermented Foods Workshop. We'll be talking about what fermented foods can do for your gut health as we sample Dr. Dan's Home Brewed Kombucha....

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