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I think we all can agree that it’s been a long and dreary winter.  And, most of us are ready to welcome spring with open arms!  However, as we welcome a hopefully warm and sunny spring, a lot of us also welcome (or perhaps roll our eyes towards!) spring cleaning.

Let’s face it. Throughout the dark and cold winter months, it is easy to collect more clutter than we know what to do with.  Dirt, dust, mold and grime might be apparent and make our houses, porches, yards, and the air we breathe, not so pleasant!

We put together a 30 Day Declutter Spring Clean Challenge and thought it’d be a great way to dive into spring! Why not try a fun, productive challenge to incorporate one spring clean task per day, for 30 days, resulting in a fresher, more relaxed, less cluttered house and atmosphere (also most likely ensuring a clear and fresh mentality!)

We hope you’ll try it out, check the tasks off your list, and feel free to post updates and pictures on our Facebook page. We’d love to follow your progress and have a little fun together! It just might make us all more accountable if we motivate each other in the process.


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