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Do you have a child or know an infant/child struggling with frequent ear infections? Maybe they’ve taken multiple rounds of antibiotics, have symptoms such as pulling on ears, balance trouble, difficulty hearing, pain, or fullness in the ears? Do you know babies and toddlers who have to get tubes placed in their ears at a young age? An ear infection, (often called otitis media), is inflammation of the middle ear and a common health challenge for many children. So, what REALLY causes ear infections? Check out this excerpt from one of Dr. Dan’s Kids Health Series discussion topics to learn more about ear infections, the cause, anatomy of the ear, and the various treatment methods. Dr. Dan discusses the difference between the current medical approach treatment option in comparison to the functional approach. He dives deeper into how chiropractic care can potentially help your children effectively work through ear infections and work towards prevention in a natural, healthful way.

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