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The ability to focus is impacted by a variety of factors (diet, exercise, sleep, external distractions), but the most obvious one is often overlooked: Brain-Body Communication. Clear communication between the brain and the rest of the body is imperative for overall health. The nervous system (made up of the brain and spinal cord) controls and coordinates everything in the body, including concentration. It makes sense that the better the nervous system functions, the better the body functions. That includes how well the brain is able to concentrate on specific tasks while also coordinating all of the important processes of the body.

Trouble focusing is not uncommon, but that does not make it normal. The brain is designed to handle a lot of tasks (most of which we never have to think about!) and do so in an efficient way. When the communication between the brain and body is limited, the brain’s ability to function is also limited – resulting in trouble focusing, “brain fog”, and fatigue. If the interference to that communication (what chiropractors refer to as a subluxation) is removed and clear communication is restored, many adults (and children!) see an improvement in their ability to focus and can hold their attention on tasks more effeciently. This can be achieved through gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic care paired with changes in diet and exercise has even been shown to decrease symptoms of ADHD and other focusing disorders that some of our youth struggle with daily.

Better Mental Clarity= A happier, more successful YOU!

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