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What Our Patients Have To Say

“For over 20 years, I suffered from hip pain. The pain went from a 10 to a 2 in 3 visits!” – Cindy

“Dr. Dan is the first person to correct my hips. I’ve been to other chiropractic doctors and they told me they couldn’t fix my hips. Thank you Dr. Dan!” – Lisa W.

“For years I have been plagued with lower back issues and more recently with discomfort in my right hip when I bend. No longer! Each visit with Dr. Dan was like a trip to the spa – they take a scan of your spine each visit so you can see the status and improvement. Accordingly, no two adjustments were the same. Felt like a massage versus the predicable adjustments I used to get with a prior chiropractor. I especially appreciated the discussions we had so that I understood exactly what he noticed and what he expected as we proceeded. I am now working out weekly which was my goal! I am so appreciative and would encourage you to invest in your health and well being by seeing Dr. Dan.” – Kathleen

Hip & Knee Pain can be a Result of Nerve Interference in the Low Back

Knee and hip pain has a variety of possible causes. This type of pain can prevent individuals from activities they enjoy. Left unaddressed, the end result may be surgery or a mew sedentary lifestyle. Eliminating the cause of the pain in its early stages can help individuals fully recover and lead an active life into retirement and beyond.

Pain can be a result of uneven weight distribution or nerve restriction due to a misalignment in the lumbo-sacral region or the angle of the pelvic bone. Correcting these subluxations will add motion back into the joint, improving flexibility and movement. Re-establishing the alignment of the spine also redistributes weight evenly, relieving additional pressure on tender joints.

Extremities Need Adjustments, Too!

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