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Hip And Knee Pain Chiropractor

Knee and hip pain has a variety of possible causes. This type of pain can prevent individuals from activities they enjoy. Left unaddressed, the result may be surgery or a more sedentary lifestyle. Eliminating the cause of the pain in its early stages can help individuals fully recover and lead an active life into retirement and beyond.

Causes Of Hip And Knee

Hip & Knee Pain can be a Result of Nerve Interference in the Lower Back

Pain can be a result of uneven weight distribution or nerve restriction due to a misalignment in the lumbosacral region or the angle of the pelvic bone. Correcting these subluxations will add motion to the joint, improving flexibility and movement. Re-establishing the spine’s alignment also redistributes weight evenly, relieving additional pressure on tender joints.

For those in Pittsburgh seeking expert chiropractic care, Dr. Daniel Turo at Turo Family Chiropractic Pittsburgh is the only chiropractor Pittsburgh certified in the Pierce Results System. With comprehensive services and community events, they support your health journey. Addressing issues such as hip and knee pain proactively can lead to significant improvements in your overall well-being.


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