Stress Management

Stress and health

Stress and Your Health

We live in a world of chronic stress. Everyday irritations, and concern about long-term plans, in addition to the unexpected travesties of life, leave our systems flooded with cortisol and unable to properly function. Managing stress is key to optimizing health. Angela provides information on how to incorporate stress reduction techniques into your daily life and helps guide you in finding what is the best de-stresser for you! When your hormones are out of whack, your body will not be able to function properly.

Learn to listen to your body’s signals and incorporate breathing, meditation, exercise, and clean eating to help manage your stress and optimize your health.

Stress is not just emotional. The biochemical stress of the world (the toxic food we eat, air and water pollution, heavy metals, and constant exposure to technology) disrupts the normal electrical signaling of our body. Grounding is a technique that resets the disrupted electrical charge of your body. You know the calm, relaxed, and elated feeling of walking barefoot on the beach? That is grounding.

We, unfortunately, do not have a beach in the office, but we do have a system that harnesses the same idea and helps reset your electrical charge, allowing for the proper functioning of all your bodily systems.


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