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Kids and Chiropractic Care

Children Respond Extremely Well to Chiropractic Care

Parents often bring their children in for specific issues, such as ear infections, colic or reflux, frequent colds, trouble focusing, poor posture, bed wetting, or scoliosis. Others choose to have their children checked for subluxation to prevent future health challenges. In most cases, children require far fewer visits than adults to resolve issues. Their body’s ability to heal is amazing! Removing interference from their nervous system can prevent more serious problems in their teen and young adult years. Children are incredibly active and with activity comes the occasional injury. Kids get into any number of situations in school, sports and activities that could cause a subluxation. And there is no set age that a child receives their first. Toddlers tumble while they play. Babies fall learning to walk. Even the process of being born can cause spinal misalignment. Chiropractic care is also a great preventative habit for a healthy life. We see that “Chiro Kids” typically have less instances of “common” childhood ailments, stronger immune systems, and fewer health challenges as adults. What a great gift to give your children – the building blocks for a healthier life! Our office is committed to offering high quality health care to children and their families. The only way to be sure that your child is free of nervous system interference is to consult a chiropractor. Care is gentle and safe in our family friendly atmosphere. The results speak for themselves.

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