Meditation and Its Health Benefits

By: Dr. Daniel Turo, DC

Let’s face it; many of us lead busy and hectic lives, which often include non-stop days. Sometimes, it is easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in circumstances outside of our control. Sometimes, it’s hard to simply let go. And often times, this leads to missing out on the beauty of the present moment (all while putting extra stress on our bodies!) One way to help both the mind and body to slow down is meditation.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is the precise technique or practice of quieting the mind, while focusing inward in a deep, relaxed state. In meditation, focusing on awareness of breath is essential. The mind becomes clear and relaxed so that the ability to push aside the external world is apparent. As the mind becomes silent, and as the meditation deepens, one may notice a sense of ease, tranquility and peace. This positive behavior, resulting in an energized state of mind, can allow the body to rest, regroup, rejuvenate and heal. It is a helpful reminder to let go of the negative and focus on the positive aspects of our lives. Our reactions to situations literally have the power to shape the outcome. Practicing meditation regularly can make this easier. It allows us to focus on proactive thoughts while eliminating the any thoughts that disturb us.

There are countless health benefits to mediation that affect our body, mind and emotions.

Body: Helps boost immune system, keeps heart healthy, and increases energy.
Mind: Provides stress relief, mental clarity, brain empowerment and helps us set and reach goals by remaining focused.
Emotions: Boosts mood and uplifts spirit, enhances balance in our lives by feeling centered and whole, helps us feel connected (to friends, family, the community, and importantly, at peace within ourselves!)

Adding meditation into a daily wellness routine can truly help transform and reset the mind, which can lead to a new and deeper meaning and understanding of life. In the whirlwind of a busy lifestyle, that can result in stress, tension, fear, anxiety, doubt, and exhaustion; let us leave you with one take away. Know that YOU can control your thoughts. YOU can take your mind to a happier, more peaceful place. Just remember: Simply breathe deep and be still, to quiet the mind and examine the beauty that you hold within yourself. It is a blessing to recognize that there is beauty all around you, in everything you do, everywhere you go, and through every individual you meet. And with meditation and a positive mindset, YOU have the power to shift your perspective and transform your world.

“Be still and know yourself as the truth you have been searching for. Be still and let the inherent joy of that truth capture your drama and destroy it in the bliss of consummation. Be still and let your life be lived by the purpose you were made for. Be still and receive the inherent truth of your heart.”
~ Gangaji


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