Clearing Up The Brain Fog

The ability to focus is impacted by a variety of factors (diet, exercise, sleep, external distractions), but the most obvious one is often overlooked: Brain-Body Communication. Clear communication between the brain and the rest of the body is imperative...

Introducing Dynamic Motion X-Rays

Our Dynamic Motion X-Ray is a game changer because it allows Dr. Dan to see your spine moving in real time. As the only practitioner in the region that utilizes Dynamic Motion X-Ray for spinal correction, Dr. Dan is excited to show you just what seeing your spine in motion means for your health. Take a look!

Corn, Sweet Corn!

As we wrap of the end of summer, (if you’re anything like me,) you may be clinging to the sunshine and soaking in every last warm ray, picnic lunch, or taking advantage of grilling dinner outside on the patio. One great way to top off summer and fall meals...

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