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What is Salutogenesis?

It’s an approach focusing on factors that support human health and well-being, rather than on factors that cause disease (or pathogenesis). Taking a Salutogenic Approach Means We Will Focus on How to Truly Get Healthy and Stay Healthy!

Taking the Salutogenic Approach to Health

We are excited to now offer Salutogenic Achievement Sessions in our office! The goal of these session is to help guide you through lifestyle changes to optimize your health and support you on your wellness journey.

Salutogenic Achievement Sessions Offer:

  • One-on-One Health Coaching with Salutogenic Specialist
  • Individualized Guidebook Based on Your Goals
  • Access to Resources and Guidance related to Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management, and Time Management
  • Progress Measurements related to Health and Wellness Indicators including: Body Measurements, Nutrient Analysis, Exercise Frequency, and Stress Levels

A Message from Angela, Our Salutogenic Specialist

I’ll be offering guidance and accountability support to help you break through the barriers that are preventing you from achieving your optimal levels of health. I have my BS in Behavioral Health from Penn State and my Masters in Wellness and Human Performance from the University of Pittsburgh. Along with my education, my devotion to health is rooted in personally overcoming challenges through healthy lifestyle changes, and I am passionate about helping others find their way to wellness!

There is no one “right” healthy lifestyle for everyone. I want to work together to help guide you in choosing the healthy behaviors that will work best in your life. We can discuss your diet, exercise routine, stress levels, and how to make the time for health.

The specific focus of the sessions will depend on your personal goals, but my overall goal is to help you optimize your health! Changes take time, and we will work together to prioritize and work through barriers so that you feel empowered to get healthy and stay healthy for life!

Is Guidance, Support, and Accountability What’s Missing from Your Wellness Journey?

It’s time you found out! Schedule your Complimentary Salutogenic Consultation to learn more about the program and discuss how it could help pave your way to optimal health.

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