Vitamin D and Its Benefits

By: Dr. Daniel Turo, DC

After all, sunshine IS the best medicine…

Vitamin D is absolutely essential for your immunity! Vitamin D not only strengthens your immune system, but helps reduce the risk of infection, especially as “cold and flu season” is upon us. Adding Vitamin D into your daily supplement routine turns on key peptides in your body that trigger a strong anti-microbial response, giving your immune system the ability to fight off invaders before they turn into a serious infection. Vitamin D also protects against autoimmune disease by helping white blood cells differentiate between “self” cells and foreign invaders. Some research indicates that 1 BILLION people worldwide are deficient in Vitamin D. Low sun exposure during the winter months is a major factor. In addition to its supportive immunity functions, Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption & bone health, and hormone production & regulation. Vitamin D acts as ‘Sunshine in a Bottle’ for the winter months when the body doesn’t produce enough on its own. Signs of Vitamin D deficiency include getting sick often, fatigue, depression, bone & muscle pain, hair loss, & weight gain. Vitamin D Deficiency has been linked to some cancers and heart disease. So, grab your Vitamin D and get ready to bring on the colder weather!


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