Sciatica is often the result of cumulative damage, through car accidents or sports injuries, can certainly be a large factor. Spinal decay and degeneration can also play a part. Sciatica is caused by the disks between your vertebrae bulging, herniating, or rupturing. Sciatica usually begins with pain in the lower back, and then extends down the legs. The pain is usually more apparent after sitting or standing for a long time, and can worsen with extended periods of bed rest.

Many people respond to sciatica by taking medications, which can only mask the pain, going to physical therapy, which will exercise the unstable joints, or even getting surgery, which often involves cutting away disk tissue or even removing bone. Sciatica responds wonderfully to chiropractic, which is safe and non-invasive. Chiropractic care can restore the joint motion to your back, and millions have seen positive results.

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