Meet Doctor Dan

Meet Our Team

picture of Dr. Dan TuroDr. Dan has been fascinated with health from a young age. At 12 years old, he began to overcome his asthma through organized school sports including football, basketball, and track and field. Looking back, he realizes how unhealthy a child he actually was, suffering from chronic ear infections, asthma, and allergies. Although these may be considered “normal” for children in our country, Dr. Dan will tell you after his 10 years of studies that these conditions and many others are far from leading a healthy life.

Having just moved to the North Allegheny School District as a high school junior, Dr. Dan had the opportunity to enroll in an anatomy and physiology course, which illuminated his pursuit towards a career in health care.

He completed his bachelor of science degree in Kinesiology (the study of movement) at The Pennsylvania State University and graduated Cum Laude in Fall 2006. He found his true calling while researching and touring the Life University campus and their College of Chiropractic located in Marietta, GA.

Music to his ears, he attentively listened to the philosophical teachings that all life is innately intelligent and that each of us is born to be healthy provided that there is no interference to the nervous system, the primary communicator and coordinator of the body.

He excelled through the program and rounded out his clinical experience under a great mentor, Dr. Bob DeMaria, The World’s Drugless Doctor. Dr. Dan graduated Magna Cum Laude in March of 2011 and reaffirms each day that chiropractic is the best avenue for which he can serve his community and all of humanity.

During his educational journey, Dr. Dan married his high school sweet heart, Erin who now runs their office. The Turos have two young sons (Ethan and Sammy) and round out their family with two rescued pit bull mixes (Duke and Daisy).

Dr. Dan is ecstatic to be back in the North Hills of Pittsburgh serving his community through speaking engagements, health care classes, volunteering and of course… adjusting spines one day at a time!

Erin Turo

Office Manger

Erin Turo feels blessed to be a part of the office family. With her management and organization experience, she helps to make the office function at its very best. She’s thrilled to be able to put her talents to good use and help to guide patients through their chiropractic experience. Another great perk of her job, Erin gets to spend the day with her son, Sammy, and her husband, Dr. Dan.

Erin can’t wait to meet you as a new patient and looks forward to helping you in and out of the office!

Brittany and Lisa

Chiropractic Advocates (CAs)

It is Brittany’s and Lisa’s smiling faces you will see when you walk through the door. They’ll be at the front desk to answer your questions, help schedule appointments, and take your calls. We are thrilled to have Brittany and Lisa as part of the team and they are happy to help make your experience in our office exceptional.

Ethan and Sammy

The Office Kids

From time to time you may see Ethan and Sam at the office with us. Our office is always family friendly and we love to see little ones join their parents during adjusting hours and events. Ethan and Sammy love to meet new people!

Did you know that both boys had their first adjustment when they were just hours old? Being born is tough work!

Now they are healthy, happy kids who have their spine checked often, but rarely need an adjustment – little bodies are amazing things!

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