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Meet Our Team

Angela Turo Headshot Pic


Salutogenic Specialist

Angela completed her undergraduate degree at Penn State in Biobehavioral Health, which focused on the integration of biology, psychology, and sociology. She then pursued her master’s degree in Wellness and Human Performance from the University of Pittsburgh, learning how to use diet and exercise to do everything from helping optimize athletic performance to managing chronic disease. Her true passion lies in working with people and helping them live healthy lives!

Erin Office Manager


Office Manager

With her management and organization experience, Erin helps to make the office function at its very best. She’s thrilled to be able to put her talents to good use and help to guide patients through their chiropractic experience. Erin can’t wait to meet you as a new patient and looks forward to helping you in and out of the office!

Brittany Chiropractic Advocate


Chiropractic Advocate

You may not see Brittany often, but she’s working hard behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. She handles our newsletter, works on our website, and keeps our social media up to date with all the office happenings. Brittany also helps plan special events and workplace wellness experiences, sharing the message of health with our patients and the community!

Ethan Sammy Joanna

Ethan, Sammy & Joanna

The Office Kids

From time to time you may see Dr. Dan and Erin’s children – Ethan, Sammy and Joanna – at the office with us (as well as other little TFC Team members!). Our office is always family friendly and we love to see little ones join their parents during adjusting hours and events.

Did you know that all of our kids had their first adjustment when they were just hours old? Being born is tough work!

Now they are healthy, happy kids who have their spine checked often, but rarely need an adjustment – little bodies are amazing things!