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Are you concerned about how long you will need to see your chiropractor? Have you heard the cliché that once you start seeing your chiropractor, you need to go for the rest of your life? The idea of beginning a spinal corrective care plan laid out over 6 to 12 months (or longer) can be very daunting. The truth is that the majority of individuals have never taken a corrective approach to their health and may have years (even decades) of physical stress that has accumulated in the spine.

If your body has years of accumulated stress, pain is merely the warning sign that something is wrong. We can patch the pain and sure you may feel better temporarily, but if you do not take corrective action at the foundation of your health, then your health may continue to crumble until it reaches a point that it cannot be recovered.

In our office we use something called a neurological deficit when analyzing your spine and nervous system. By looking at specific changes to x-rays and infrared thermal analysis, we can determine how long the stress has accumulated and make a logical recommendation to correct the damage. On a very basic level, for every decade your spine has accumulated stress, it can take a year of corrective care.

Once an individual has invested in spinal corrective care, they can protect that health investment by having regular neurospinal checkups. The time between those appointments depends completely on previous and current demands in your life. It comes down to optimizing the health of your spine and nervous system and aligning the care recommendation with YOUR health goals.

Although rare, we have worked with people for a few visits over the course of a month because their neurological deficit was so minimal. Children are a great example of people with minimal neurological deficits. But if you need a more intensive corrective program because of decades worth of accumulated stress, we will let you know what it will take to optimize your neurospinal health.

How Long Does It Take?

In this episode of HomeTown Health, Dr. Dan  discusses the frequency and duration of corrective spinal care and why people often choose this proactive approach to health.

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