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“After dealing with TMJ for 9 years, I went to see Dr. Dan. The results are amazing! I have no pain now, and I’m able to eat anything I want without difficulty.” – Shyloh

“I came to see Dr. Dan because I was dealing with jaw pain and headaches that were making it difficult to function on a daily basis. It hurt to eat and talk. I started to see changes within my first two adjustments. Now my jaw is working and feeling better!” – Antonella

TMJ Pain often Resolves Once Proper Motion and Alignment are Restored to the Joint.

TMJ pain is often caused by a misalignment or lack of motion in the temporomandibular joints. These joints are located on either side of your mouth and act as a sliding hinge that attaches the jaw to the skull and allows the mouth to open and close.  This makes the joint important everyday things that involve opening and closing your mouth, like chewing, talking and yawning. When there is dysfunction in these joints and they are not working properly, you may experience clicking and popping when you open and close your mouth, headaches, dizziness, locking of the jaw or a decreased ability to open your mouth.

Dysfunction in the temporomandibular joints can be caused in a variety of ways, such as grinding your teeth, dealing with stress, enduring an injury and even osteoarthritis. Whatever the cause, the goal of specific chiropractic care is to locate any misalignment or lack of motion that is causing the dysfunction in the joint and restore its function through a series of gentle, precise adjustments. This will allow the body to heal as it is designed and should result in the decrease or resolution of symptoms.

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