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Designed to Heal: Your Guide to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

About Dr. Dan Turo’s First Book

This book is not about solving the massive healthcare expenditure crisis currently happening in our country. It is not another pill, potion, lotion, gimmick or quick fix for masking symptoms of disease. And it is not about a pain-and-symptom-focused approach to your health.

Instead, this book is about a philosophical and foundational framework to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy for a Lifetime. Inside this book…

  • You’ll receive proactive, action-oriented recommendations to help you live the healthiest life possible
  • You’ll learn technology-driven solutions to help you regain and improve your health – no matter how you feel today
  • You’ll discover a dozen disciplines and over 30 supporting resources to assist you on your destiny to achieve ultimate health and well-being for you and your family.

It is time to turn the page on a new chapter of your life! A life of healing, a life of vitality, a life worth living. Because You are Designed to Heal!

Stop by the office to pick up your copy or order it from Amazon.

Images Discussed in Designed to Heal

Below are several examples of Paraspinal Infrared Thermal Imaging that are described in detail in Designed to Heal.

Videofluoroscopy: Watching the Spine in Motion

Videofluoroscopy is the gold standard for locating and analyzing subluxations. With this technology, you can see your spine in motion and work towards spinal correction.

Bro’s Story

Bro had his first check-up when he was five years old. And it’s a good thing his parents brought him in to see me because, even though Bro had no obvious health challenges, he had a scoliosis (side curvature of the spine) of eighteen degrees (zero degrees is normal).

What could have happened to Bro if his spine continued to develop with that curvature? A lot. First, the scoliosis would most likely continue to get much worse. In addition, Bro could start experiencing pain “for no reason,” and he could develop heart, lung, or digestive issues, among other health challenges.

After Bro’s first adjustment, his scoliosis measurement dropped from eighteen degrees to eleven degrees, and Bro continues to show improvement to this day.


Bro’s Initial X-Ray

This is Bro’s Pre-Adjustment X-Ray.

Bro’s Post Care X-Ray

This is Bro’s X-Ray after receiving specific chiropractic adjustments.

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