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I am so glad to have found a doctor that understands my pain was not “all in my head.” I have had around four appointments or so, and I already notice that I am experiencing less back pain. I highly recommend Dr. Dan, and if you have scoliosis like I do he really knows what to do to help your spine. I have a more severe case of scoliosis, and chiropractic medicine is the only thing that has helped reduce back pain for me.” – Nicole

Scoliosis is the Lateral Curvature of the Spine

With a plethora of classifications for this condition, the largest is idiopathic (unknown cause), accounting for nearly 80% of all cases. According to recent studies, the incidence of scoliosis measuring 5-10 degrees was 15% among school aged children. Scoliosis measuring greater than 10 degrees is present in up to 4% of the population.

The onset of juvenile idiopathic scoliosis occurs between 3-10 years of age. It is crucial to have children screened for scoliosis at an early age and monitored every few months for progression if the curvature is present.

Chiropractors are well versed in the analysis and alignment of the spine. By aligning the sacrum and pelvis through a series of adjustments, progression can be slowed and even reversed in some cases.

The earlier the curvature is addressed, the better the prognosis, which is important because the most rapid period for progression is between 12 and 16 years of age. Upon reaching adulthood, unaddressed curvatures can continue to progress and lead to rapid degeneration and nerve entrapment.


The Truth About Scoliosis

In this Episode of HomeTown Health, Dr. Dan discusses when it is appropriate to intervene verses simply monitor the progression of scoliosis and how the right interventions can correct scoliosis in a developing spine.

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