Prenatal Chiropractic Care In Pittsburgh, PA

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Prenatal Chiropractor

As your body changes to accommodate the miracle inside of you, different aches and pains can arise. While they are common for pregnant women, these pains can often be addressed through chiropractic care.

Some common issues that pregnant women seek care for include Back Pain, Neck Pain, Difficulty Sleeping, Indigestion and heartburn, Muscle Cramping, Headaches, and Constipation.

Wellness Care During Pregnancy

Wellness checkups while pregnant are a great way to prepare for a healthy labor and birth process. The right chiropractor can help you stretch and strengthen your body in preparation for birth. These checkups are also a great way to head off problems, like back labor and numbness before they start.

Proper stretching and gentle adjustments can help to provide the baby with more space to get into position for the big day. Adjustments are safe and effective during any stage of pregnancy. Some women choose to be adjusted while in labor and shortly after the baby is born to help with the healing process.

And don’t forget that baby may need an adjustment too! No matter what type of birth – vaginal, assisted, or cesarean – the process puts a lot of extra stress on that tiny body. Having a baby checked shortly after birth is another great step for improved overall health. Find out more about children and chiropractic care.


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