Hand & Arm Pain Can Stem from Restrictions in the Associated Nerves

Hand and arm pain often stems from restrictions of the nerves that innervate those specific muscles. Carpel Tunnel syndrome and Tennis Elbow are two common examples. Restoring nerve flow to those muscles helps to alleviate pain and numbness caused by those restrictions (called subluxations.)

Through specific analysis and precision adjustments, a chiropractor can locate the subluxations in the cervical region of the spine that are inhibiting nerve slow to the hand and arm. In other instances, the joints of the arm and hand can be adjusted to return motion; motion is the essence of joint health.

While chiropractic does not treat any one symptom, children and adults see many health challenges resolve while under care. Chiropractic care is a safe, non-invasive, and natural option for addressing a wide range of health challenges, including hand and arm pain. A chiropractor is specifically trained to locate and remove subluxations through gentle, precise adjustments.

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