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“Charlotte, one month old, suffered from colic, gas and fussiness. “After one visit I have seen amazing results. My baby is so happy! I will never stop coming! Also, her sinuses cleared up – no more sniffles!” – Brittany

“My two month old was favoring her right side and was fussy during bottle feedings. After one adjustment she was using her left side more and eating better! The adjustments were gentle and Dr. Dan is so good with kids!” – Christine

Colic and Reflux are stressful problems for both baby and parents

Colic is associated with stomach cramping, gas, and bloating. More often, the term “colic” is used when an infant is irritable or fussy without an obvious underlying cause. A child suffering from colic is often difficult to comfort, and parents may feel helpless. While chiropractic does not treat any one symptom, children and adults see many health challenges resolved under care. While changing eating habits or taking medication is an option for some, there is a likely a bigger issue to address than just the symptom of colic.

Digestive issues such as colic typically stem from interference to the nerves that innervate the stomach and digestive track. This interference is most likely the result of a misalignment or lack of motion (subluxation) in the mid thoracic or sacro-lumbar region of the spine. A subluxation putting stress on these nerves would cause the digestive distress and irritation that creates the symptom colic.If the subluxation is removed, the cause of the irritation is gone, and the symptom should subside.

While chiropractic does not treat any one symptom, children and adults see many health challenges resolve while under care. Chiropractic care is a safe, non-invasive, and natural option for addressing a wide range of health challenges, including colic. A chiropractor is specifically trained to locate and remove subluxations through gentle, precise adjustments. Using the Logan Basic technique, a chiropractor can help the calm the parasympathetic nervous system and bring the body’s “Rest and Digest” control center back into balance.

Colic is Common – But That Doesn’t Make it Normal

Parents often tell me that their baby is colicky, but that their pediatrician told them not to worry. That colic is perfectly normal. And that is absolutely false. Just because something is common, does not make it normal. In this Episode of HomeTown Health, Dr. Dan addresses colic and explains why gentle and effective chiropractic care could be your solution.

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