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The average American spends 6-10 hours per day on technology!

Now in the age of zoom, everything (even our social time) can be restricted to the screen. While the latest and greatest tech can be pretty darn cool, it also has its downside. A common issue is Tech Neck.

Tech Neck, is a type of cervical kyphosis or reversed neck position, caused by the repetitive slouched posture during our technology time. It can frequently be painful because you bend your neck forward and often roll your shoulders towards the device, leading to stiffness and soreness of the neck muscles and other surrounding tissue.

Neck and shoulder soreness are only the tip of the iceberg for symptoms of tech neck. It’s also associated with headaches that originate from the back of the head or behind the eyes, spinal degeneration which is a type of arthritis, decreased lung function, heart disease, increased stress hormones, anxiety, poor cognitive and physical performance, and extended recovery time. Overtime, if not corrected, especially during important spinal development years (between 13 and 22 years of age) , it can become a permanently abnormal position of the spine and lead to chronic forward head posture.

Research shows that for every inch that the head is positioned in front of the spine, the perceived weight of the head on the spine is increased by an additional TEN pounds. So if your head weighs 12 pounds, and it is sitting only ONE inch forward the pressure on the spine feels like 22 lbs, not 12! Think about THAT the next time you tilt your head forward to look at your phone or tablet!

The good news is that specific chiropractic care can help. Gentle adjustments can alleviate the pressure on the neck and correct spinal curvature before it becomes a lasting issue. Chiropractic care is an excellent option for children and adults; anyone spending time in front of a screen could benefit from a spinal check in to keep their curves in check and avoid Tech Neck.


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