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Your New Patient Visit

Your first visit to our office as a new patient is a chance for the doctor to get to know you personal health needs through a variety of non-invasive methods. Your time is valuable, so though your initial visit will be thorough, it will also be efficient.

Please allow 35-40 minutes for your new patient visit.

New Patient Paperwork

For your convenience, your New Patient Paperwork is available complete online prior to your first visit.

Children Ages 1 to 13    Adults and Children Age 14 and Over

Personal Injury Cases (Auto or Worker’s Comp)

If you prefer to fill your paperwork in by hand, there will be an option to print a blank form by clicking the link as well.

If you cannot fill in your paperwork before your first visit, please allow 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete these forms in our office.

Consultation and History

Your health history and consultation is a personal one-on-one meeting with the doctor. This is the time to discuss your health-related challenges. The doctor will guide the conversation, but this is your opportunity to bring up any health concerns you might have.

Chiropractic Examination

Vertebral subluxations are a serious health challenge and are not to be taken lightly. A specific and detailed set of non-invasive tests provides the information necessary to determine a course of care that is right for you, even if that care involves a referral to another healthcare professional.

Static & Dynamic Motion X-Rays

X-rays are used to locate specific points of spinal subluxation and guide in the course of individual care. Our office utilizes motion studies with flexion/extension shots to locate poor motion, as well as static x-rays to locate misalignment. We also utilize our Dynamic Motion X-Ray (videofluoroscopy) to see your spine moving in real time. The Pierce Results System is the method of analysis used to assess all the information gathered and direct the course of your care.

Infrared Thermography Scan

A thermal scan is a non-invasive tool that supplies a wealth of information about how you are healing. It provides your Detailed Nerve Analysis (DNA). Thermal scans on each visit help the Chiropractor identify areas of your body that are not healing properly and measure your progress throughout your care. This allows the doctor to customize your care on each visit to maximize your results.

Scheduling Your Review of Findings

You will be given a convenient appointment time for your follow-up visit known as the Review of Findings (ROF). Patients are normally seen within 1-2 days after their first appointment. This is when our doctor will discuss the most beneficial care plan options for you and your family. We strongly encourage a spouse, family member, or close friend to attend the ROF in order to understand and support your healthcare decision.

Our patients who receive support both inside and out of our office achieve the best results!

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