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What Our Patients Have To Say

Our whole family sees Dr. Dan as a proactive part of our wellness plan. Fixing little problems before they become big issues is the best way to stay healthy!”

– Ann

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Wellness is Not the Same as Maintenance Care

After working to overcome an initial health challenge, many health professionals tote the importance of maintenance care.  But maintenance is a low bar to set for your health. Sure, you’re not getting any worse; but is that a high enough expectation for your health?

Your real goal should be Wellness!

Imagine you are a tree. Your roots are the foundation you have built through the healthy choices that you make every day. Before the crown of the tree can grow high above the soil, the roots must dig deeper, forming a more solid foundation to keep the tree sturdy and strong as it reaches new heights. The tree is now able to weather the storm (adapt to life stresses) and produce fruit year after year.

Your journey through life is not a plateau, but a tree that continues to branch, blossom, and beautify as your healthy foundation strengthens year after year. The fruits of your healing design stem from feeling and functioning at your best . Now that’s a goal we can all strive for!

Wellness, Not Just Maintenance

In this episode of HomeTown Health, Dr. Dan discusses why your real goal should be Wellness, not just Maintenance.

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