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Schedule a Chiropractic Check-Up for Proactive Health

In Celebration of Healthy Family Month, Bring Your Whole Family in for a Complete Chiropractic Check-Up for Only $149!

Our mission is to support families in their journey for better health. Take this opportunity to find out if anyone in your household could benefit from specific chiropractic care. Individual and Family appointments are available for your convenience. We are always here to answer questions and help you (and your family) Get Healthy & Stay Healthy!

Words from Our Patient

“Our whole family sees Dr. Dan for preventative wellness care (including our 6, 4 and 2 year olds). After Dr. Dan explained how spinal challenges affect our health as adults and what health challenges can potentially be prevented by making sure our children stay well-adjusted, it just made sense.” – Ann B.

Although he had no obvious symptoms, this 5 year old’s mom thought it was a good idea to have all of her children’s spines check for subluxation.

Check out his initial spinal x-ray (left) and his spinal x-ray after just ONE adjustment (right). Now he’s on his way to being subluxation-free!

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