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It’s that time of year again…. BACK TO SCHOOL! You may be feeling a bit sad that summer is over and hesitant to say goodbye to your kiddos after a fun filled few months off making memories. You’re probably also feeling excited to start the new school year and looking forward to all of the successes, accomplishments, and activities planned for your child/children. (Or maybe you’re even excited to sip your morning coffee in a little peace and quiet…hey, no judgement here J!)  We understand that the back to school hustle and bustle can become extremely busy running out the door to catch the bus on time, a full schedule of classes, homework, plus any after school activities.

With a busy back to school schedule, it is important to keep their energy up and why not start the day off awesome? Beginning your child’s day with a healthy breakfast and packing a healthy lunch, can be challenging, especially finding options that young toddlers will look forward to eating. Proper nutrition is key in allowing our newest little students to absorb knowledge and keep their brains functioning at their best. We want to set up our children for success, right? So let’s provide them with the nutrition and fuel that they need to succeed.

According to, nearly half of all American families regularly skip breakfast. Is your family one of them? Beginning your day with a healthy meal can help kids focus better in school, absorb lessons and maintain a better memory, improve with testing, decrease irritability which can allow them to enjoy social activities more, and overall can set them up to obtain a healthy relationship with food.

The little eyes of children are always looking up to the “grown ups” in their lives and absorbing the things adults say and probably imitating actions of the parent. We can help guide them and explain the importance of breakfast early on so they hopefully grasp on and begin making healthy choices even at a young age. Kids are capable of constructing healthy habits sometimes a lot earlier than we sometimes give them credit for.

Whether you opt for a simple breakfast or a more elaborate one, any effort to make it nutritious is better than no breakfast at all! Try a few of these breakfast-made-easier tips this school year:

  • Fix breakfast before bedtime. Try hard-boiled eggs that you can have prepped ahead of time or have your child’s favorite cold cereal dished out the night before. Fresh fruit like apples and bananas with peanut butter for dipping, yogurt, granola, homemade muffins or oatmeal can be some healthy alternatives.
  • Make sure sleep is on the menu. Not everyone is a morning person, sometimes even our ‘sweet little angel children’ wake up cranky! Get them to bed earlier so the mornings aren’t so rushed. The whole house might be happier, and after after a full belly of wholesome food, they’ll be ready to rush off to school!
  • Broaden your horizons. Try some new recipes, research, be creative! Think protein, think fruits and vegetables, and think outside the box when it comes to expanding your breakfast horizons beyond just breakfast cereals and milk. Your kids might like the change, even if it takes a few tries to get them hooked.

Check out our recipe below for Make Ahead Egg Cup Muffins. We hope your kids (and you!) find this recipe both convenient and tasty.

We wish you and your family a fun-filled, healthy and successful school year ahead!

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