Reflux Resolved in 5 Weeks!

By: Dr. Daniel Turo, DC

Meet Our Hometown Health Headliner Colleen!

Colleen came into the office after suffering from severe acid reflux for several years. During her initial visit, the x-rays showed that she was losing the curve in her cervical spine and her neck was straightening. Misalignments in the neck can lead to nerve irritation. If certain nerves traveling to the stomach are impacted, the result can be several digestion dysfunctions, such as bloating, indigestion, and acid reflux.

Technology For The Win

X-rays are used initially to measure the loss of normal spinal alignment and then monitor the percentage of spinal correction achieved throughout care. They are also a visual way to track progress and structural improvements while under care.

Below are Colleen’s before (left) and after (right) X-ray images.

X ray Images

The curvature in Colleen’s cervical spine was corrected by 73% in only 5 weeks and 10 visits and she’s feeling great!

In Colleen’s Words

“Dr. Daniel Turo, DC has helped me in more ways than one. I started by attending one of their monthly dinners. I was pretty skeptical about it all, but I wanted to hear what he had to say. By the end of the dinner, I was so intrigued by how he practiced that I set up an appointment. Long story short, I’ve had severe heartburn issues for the last 10+ years. Never in a million years did I think seeing a chiropractor would help that. My heartburn has been at a minimum over the last couple of months, it truly is amazing. I also have had an extreme improvement in my posture which is a huge decrease in the stress of my lower back. I highly recommend, Dr. Daniel Turo, DC will not disappoint.”

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