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SASS Time: The Power of Positive Thinking!

Health is more than a physical state, it is a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Optimizing health is about creating a life where you are not only able to physically meet the demands of your day but are mentally prepared to handle the countless stressors of life. The best part of obtaining a state of complete health and wellness is that each area promotes wellness in the other. When you are physically healthy, you are better able to obtain mental and emotional health. And having a healthy mindset can help you deal with acute physical issues as they arise.

Positive thinking does not come naturally to everyone, but it is so powerful and impacts how we perceive life. I am not a natural optimist, but by working on my mental health the same way I work on my physical health at the gym, I was able to develop a positive mindset and improve my outlook on life and simply increase my enjoyment of life. I am also better able to tolerate physical and emotional issues. I recently had a simple medical procedure done. I had the same procedure 3 years ago when I was not physically or mentally healthy. Back then, it was excruciatingly painful, and the recovery was awful. I was told it would be worse the second time around. But this time, I went in mentally and physically prepared! In addition to being physically healthier, I also gave myself a pre-procedure pep talk! I visualized the procedure and my response. I did deep breathing prior to the procedure and throughout. And most importantly, I laughed! I made jokes and smiled throughout the procedure. I was completely blown away because this time, it was a completely different experience! Not only was it not worse as I was told and expected, I barely felt any pain at all! I left the office and went on with my day completely normally. Three years ago, I had to leave work early that day because I was in so much pain. Experiences like this are a wonderful reminder of how our health impacts every aspect of our lives! Being physically and mentally healthy have made me better able to tolerate pain and overcome acute periods of discomfort.

The power of positive thinking is overwhelming! Deep breathing is a big part of how I obtain a state of mental ease. I would highly recommend the book “Three Deep Breaths.” It tells a story and outlines how we can use our breath to re-center to help deal with the stressors of life and appreciate the small moments that are often overlooked. By implementing deep breathing into my daily routine and utilizing it at times of higher stress, I am able to power through my days!

Pay attention to how you are talking to yourself. How do you wake up? Is your first thought a positive one, or do you find yourself dreading the day? When you are preparing for bed, do you think about all the blessings that occurred that day or are you focused on everything that went wrong and the things you did not accomplish? By making simple changes to your mindset, you can have a newfound appreciation for your life and be on your way to optimizing your health!

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