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It’s Not About the Germs – It’s About How Well Your Body Fights Against Them

The founder of chiropractic, DD Palmer, asked a very important question regarding disease while he we developing the profession. Paraphrasing his question he asked:

Why can two factory workers be exposed to the exact same environmental conditions on a daily basis and one gets sick while the other remains well?

It is this question that lead him to some internal interference within the body that decreases its natural defense system to overcome disease and remain healthy. Think about it, when the flu moves through its annual cycle, do you think that some people are able to avoid the microscopic viruses that are numbered in the trillions on a single surface? This cannot be the case.

The truth is that everyone is exposed when these viruses cycle through your town. So why do some people seem to “catch” the virus and get sick and others do not? It comes down to who has a healthy immune system that can recognize and fight off the virus before it multiplies to a level that will exhibit the actual flu symptoms.

Those that have a suppressed immune system because of stress are much more likely to exhibit flu symptoms when exposed because there body has a decreased capacity to fight off the virus. So which really came first: did the virus cause the illness or did a suppressed immune system lead to an easy take over for the virus?

The fact is that there is an intimate relationship between the body’s immune system and nervous system. In fact there are thousands chemicals (known as neurotransmitters and cytokines) used to communicate between the two systems within the body. Going back to the basic scientific principle that the function of your spine is intimately related to the function of your nervous system, it is easy to see why many patients under regular chiropractic care experience much less cold/flu symptoms compared to the general population.

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