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Dr. Dan is the only certified Pierce Results System practitioner in South Western Pennsylvania. Utilizing the technology and technique required by this unique system of analysis, Dr. Dan determines each patient’s individual health needs on every visit and customizes their care for optimal results. This translates to Results and Relief in even the most difficult cases.

Dynamic Motion X-Ray: Your Spine in Real Time

Providing the best care starts with gathering the most accurate information about your spinal health. Dynamic Motion X-Ray (also called Videofluoroscopy) allows Dr. Dan to see your spine moving in real time, making it possible to locate areas of restriction and restore motion through specific, effective chiropractic adjustments. As the only practice in the region to utilize Dynamic Motion X-Ray for Spinal Corrective Care, we are honored to help patients dealing with a variety of health challenges find lasting relief in our office.

Dr. Dan on the Value of Videofluoroscopy for Spinal Correction

Infrared Thermography Scans Show Nervous System Function

A thermal scan is a non-invasive tool that supplies a wealth of information about how you are healing. Thermography is a tool used to record heat patterns that radiate from your body. Research has shown that abnormally functioning human cells give off a different heat reading than healthy cells. Thermal scans on each visit help identify areas of your body that are not healing properly and measure your progress. This allows the doctor to customize your care on each visit to maximize your results as you develop a pattern for better health!

Dr. Dan on Infrared Thermography and the  Nervous System

Progress Exams: Spinal Correction You Can See and Feel

Standard x-rays make it possible for the doctor to locate misalignment in the spine. Our office also utilizes flexion-extension x-rays in order to see the spine in motion. This allows the doctor to locate and correct areas that are not moving the way that they should for optimal health. During care, a Progress Exam illustrates how your spine is changing as adjustments restore your spinal alignment and motion. Not only can you feel your results; in our office, you can see them, too!

Specific Adjustments without Twisting, Popping or Cracking

Drop table adjustments are very comfortable, safe, and effective. The table itself is designed to have a small drop in it. This table has eliminated the need to “twist” or “crack” the spine. Most of our patients are grateful that we use this style of adjusting. Our patient’s fast healing results along with our exceptional spinal correction x-rays have proven that precision analysis along with precision correction go hand and hand in achieving outstanding results. We also employ the use of very specific instrument adjustments. One of our tools is called a Precision Spinal Adjusting Instrument. This tool is connected to a sophisticated computer program which allows the chiropractor to set the frequency and force needed to re-align and correct your spine. Research has shown that each bone in your spine reacts differently to various forces and frequencies. Finding the perfect combination improves the effectiveness of the adjustment, in both short and long term results.

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