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Does Your Child Have Poor Posture?

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Poor Posture Puts Stress on a Growing Spine and Leads to Larger Problems

Activities children do every day, such as wearing a backpack, sitting at a desk, studying on their bed, texting, and even running can cause health challenges later in life if done with poor posture.

Some posture issues can be addressed through conscious correction; standing taller, holding their head up, pulling their shoulder back. Other issues stem from misalignment in the spine that prevent proper posture.

Addressing those misalignments (called subluxations) at an early age has many benefits in addition to better posture. Removing subluxations early can prevent future health problems (such as headaches, neck pain, back pain, and more,) and allows the spine to grow free of obstacles.

Children and young adults are extremely receptive to chiropractic care, and often see lasting results faster than their adult counterparts. More and more, patients come to our office in their late twenties and early thirties suffering from headaches or low back pain. These individuals often have subluxations that have been present for years, and are only now presenting pain. If those subluxations are addressed as children, these health challenges may never occur.

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