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You’ve Had Your First Adjustment.. What Happens Now?

Now is when your body starts the healing process.  Over the next several adjustments, you will start to notice positive changes. Much of your healing will happen outside of the office. Let’s work together to get the most out of your care. Here are several tips to follow to aid the healing process.

Take Time to Relax and Rest

Your body does its best healing work at rest. Take it easy after your first adjustment (doctor’s orders!). Resting in a comfortable position to complement the adjustment you received will put your body in its best position for healing.

Don’t slouch in a chair, don’t lean forward texting, and don’t fall asleep with your head hanging down. All these activities are counterproductive behaviors – stressing the nervous system and spine when you think you’re giving it a rest. Being conscious of your posture as you relax and recline helps you to hold your adjustments longer.

Ice if You are Sore

You may be sore or tender after your first adjustment. This is perfectly normal. Remember, your body is starting to undergo big changes – moving into realignment and adding motion to joints that have missed it for some time.

You can use ice to alleviate any soreness that is causing discomfort. Hold a bag of ice directly on your skin at the area of soreness for 20-40 minutes. This is the best way to get the therapeutic effect of “icing”. When the skin goes numb, you are seeing the benefits of icing. You can use ice as often as necessary as long as you allow 30-60 minutes in between sessions. (Note: Do not use an ice pack which can burn the skin).

Drink Plenty of Water

Last but not least, drink water! (Not tea, coffee, soda, lemonade, milk, but water!) Your body needs to stay hydrated. Water helps remove toxins from the body and is necessary for more processes than we can count, including elevating inflammation. Not only will water help to speed up the healing process, but it will also help you maintain your overall health.

Follow these tips, stay on track with your recommend appointment schedule, and talk to the doctor if you have any questions. Let’s work together to reach your health goals!

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