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Many Ear Infections can be Resolved (or Avoided) with Specific Adjustments

The most common type of ear infection is called Acute Otitis Media. This condition occurs when parts of the middle ear become infected, leading to trapped fluid behind the eardrum. This can cause severe pain in the ear, commonly known as an earache. The infection is usually secondary to an upper respiratory infection from a virus or bacteria. Children who eat a diet high in DAIRY, WHEAT, and SUGAR are more prone to infections because these products overexert and drain the immune system.

Chronic ear infections can be devastating not only to the child, who is in excruciating pain, but also to the parents when seeing their child in such discomfort. Before turning to antibiotics (which can cause moderate to severe digestive distress) or surgery (which in over 30% of cases requires repeated surgical intervention), try the safe and effective route of chiropractic adjustments.

Allowing an adjustment to realign the upper cervical spine and occiput (back of the skull) can shift the mechanics of the Eustachian tubes and allow for better drainage. Proper drainage ultimately allows your child to fight off infection and build immunity for future health. Although some parents are initially hesitant to try this approach for their children, adjustment techniques are always adapted to the individual child and are safe for children of all ages.

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