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In honor of Team Turo sharing healthy tips this month, here’s a fun little look at some of my staples at home!

A for Avocado

Avocados get a lot of hype, and in my opinion, it’s well worth it! This delicious superfood is packed full of nutrients, fiber, and healthy fat. Its texture makes it a creamy and satisfying addition to any meal, and its nutrient content leaves you feeling full and nourished for longer! I eat it with eggs and bacon in the morning, add to salads, or just enjoy on its own!

E for Eggs

Another must-have in my fridge! Eggs have protein and nutrients to power me through my morning (or afternoon when I have them for lunch!). They are quick and easy and you can add so much variety by adding different veggies and spices! I always add a little hot sauce or salsa to mix things up!

I for Iced Coffee

Yes. This is definitely a staple! I started drinking black coffee in college because I was too cheap to buy cream and my roommates would steal it (true fact!). I learned to appreciate the taste of coffee without all the added stuff, and knowing how much sugar is added to all those coffee beverages, I just don’t want anything but my plain black coffee. I personally prefer iced drinks, even in the colder months! I like that it stays cold so I can sip and enjoy throughout the morning, as opposed to hot coffee that only has a short window of being hot! My team members know I never turn down an iced coffee!

O – Olive Oil

Healthy fats are crucial for overall health, and olive oil is one of the best! I use this on just about everything! I don’t use store-bought salad dressing. Instead, I use olive oil and vinegar (apple cider, red wine, or balsamic) to dress my salads! It’s delicious and does not contain all the added sugars and preservatives. I also keep avocado oil on hand for cooking!

U- Uncured Bacon

No, I don’t eat this one all the time, but I needed something for “U!” When I do make bacon on the weekends, I try to choose uncured and especially look for no sugar. Cured bacon is treated with salt and nitrites to preserve flavor and color, and to stop bacterial growth. Uncured bacon is still cured, only with nitrites contained in celery. Nitrites can be converted into carcinogens in the stomach (but vitamin C can stop this). This is the main concern with over-consumption of processed meats and increased risk for colon cancer. There may still be risks with uncured bacon, but like anything, enjoying in moderation is perfectly fine. If you have a family history of colon cancer or concerns, it’s always best to discuss with your healthcare professional.

And sometimes…

Y- Yams (well actually sweet potatoes…which in this country are generally the same thing!)

Yams and sweet potatoes are actually two different root vegetables, although the terms are used interchangeably in this country. Confusion between sweet potatoes and yams arose when US producers began using the African term “nyami,” which translates to “yam,” to distinguish between different varieties of sweet potatoes. So at this point, most vegetables labeled as a “yam” in US supermarkets are actually just a variety of sweet potato, which is why they look so similar and you can basically use them interchangeably. If the store only has “yams” instead of “sweet potatoes,” I personally don’t hesitate to get them because I can tell from the look they are basically the same. Sweet potatoes offer nutrients, fiber, and some great flavor! I personally prefer them over white potatoes, and only use a little oil, salt, and pepper for seasoning. They are a great healthy carb option and personally I think they are delicious!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about some of my food staples! If you’re looking for help finding your own routine when it comes to your healthy diet, please never hesitate to reach out! We are here to help you Get Healthy and Stay Healthy for Life!

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