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Chris came into our office with severe tightness and pain in his neck that was affecting his every day life. A motion x-ray was done at Chris’ initial evaluation and revealed that he had lost the curvature in his neck. This type of curvature loss not only causes symptoms like stiff neck, headaches and back pain, but over time can lead to a number of other health challenges because of the stress that it puts on the nervous system. Without correction, a person can suffer from severe forward head posture. It has been determined that for every inch of forward head posture an additional 10 pounds of stress is added to the base of your neck. Several large studies have showed a strong correlation between severity of forward head posture and early death.

Fortunately for Chris, through our technologically advanced methods of analysis and specific chiropractic adjustments, the curvature in his spine has greatly improved. In only 9 visits and less than 2 months under care, the curvature in Chris’ spine has improved by 73%. Below are the pre and post x-ray images over this time period.

Chris reports that he has improved neck mobility, less pain and overall better comfort level. Chris continues to come into the office for regular adjustments to further correct his spinal curve and improve his quality of life.

Do you suffer from neck pain or stiffness? Specific chiropractic care might be able to help. Schedule your new patient evaluation today. As always, we are here to help you Get Healthy & Stay Healthy For A Lifetime.

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