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High Blood Pressure can be a very serious, life threatening condition. In the short term, regulating your blood pressure is top priority. But what is the long term plan? Because blood pressure medication is not addressing the cause of your high blood pressure, it’s just artificially lowering it for you. Finding the cause of high blood pressure can be a healthier approach in the long-term.

High blood pressure is a concern for many individuals. While there are medications to manage high blood pressure issues, they also come with side effects (such as kidney damage) and they do not solve the problem of high blood pressure. Of course, these medications save lives in emergency situations and for a temporary solution they do their job well – when blood pressure is dangerously high, these medications artificially lower the pressure so that the individual can survive.

However they should not be a long term solution. Logic tells us that high blood pressure does not occur because someone doesn’t have enough blood pressure medication in their system. There is another cause; high blood pressure is the body’s way to indicate something needs attention. Symptoms, like elevated blood pressure, are your body’s check engine light.

There have been several studies in the chiropractic field showing a significant improvement in blood pressure with adjustments to the upper cervical spine. The authors of these studies agreed that the blood pressure regulation that comes from the adjustments had the same effect as two daily blood pressure medications. How could that be? There are a group of cells in your brain stem that are responsible for blood pressure regulation. It has been known for over a decade that these group of cells receive stimulation from the motion and alignment from joints in the cervical spine. Although the connection has yet to be fully understood, the connection between spinal alignment and blood pressure is evident from this research.

High blood pressure might not be the reason a patient first seeks care in our office. However, many people find that they are able to reduce or even eliminate their prescription medications, through specific spinal adjustments and lifestyle modifications. This is of course done under the direction of their prescribing doctor. Ultimately when you allow your body the proper nerve signaling, it will return balance to its system and your health will improve.

If you are dealing with high blood pressure and would like to see if a more natural approach is a good option for you, please reach out to for more information. We are always happy to help. Our goal is to help you get healthy and stay healthy for life.

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