Holistic Healing: Getting Healthy From the Inside Out

By: Dr. Daniel Turo, DC

Happy New Year! With every new year comes reflection on the past and looking to the future with hope and determination. “This is the year I will finally …” Fill in the blank with whatever you’ve been putting off. A lot of new years resolutions are about losing weight (naturally we all have weight loss on the brain after holiday over-indulgence) or looking/feeling better. This may mean a new workout routine, diet plan, or some snazzy new product. Because with the new year you will also see an abundance of product advertisements making all kinds of amazing promises.

Easy weight loss! Lose inches! Remove stretch marks! Glowing skin! You’ll also see promises for more energy, better digestion, less bloating, better mental clarity, and on and on!

So how do you sort through the products that may actually help versus those just trying to take your money? They key is to look inside!

When it comes to overall health, wellness, strength, and beauty, the secret lies within. There are endless products out there that target the SYMPTOMS of an unhealthy lifestyle. They will promise to make you look and feel ten years younger, lose weight fast, or bulk up with never having to step foot in the gym. And whether or not they work, remember that shortcuts to reach an end goal or simply masking symptoms does not mean you are improving your health.

Let’s look at skin as an example. There are tons of creams, lotions, pills, and makeup products that can help give you clear and healthy-looking skin. But WHY is your skin breaking out, dry, spotty, or wrinkled? Excessive stress, lack of quality sleep, dehydration, and over-consumption of sugar and processed foods will all take a tool on your skin. Our skin not only absorbs things from the outside, but it is also one of the main ways our body clears toxins from our system. So when we have a toxic lifestyle, it makes sense our skin would reflect this. Living a clean and active lifestyle will give you naturally glowing skin. The less toxins you take in, the less that needs to be cleared out.

The same can be said about weight loss. We often focus so much on the number on the scale without truly understanding what that number means. Are you actually carrying more fat on your body or has your weight gone up recently from inflammation as a product of an unhealthy and toxic lifestyle? Cleaning up the diet will help with both! What won’t work is crash dieting, extreme exercise programs, and OTC weight loss supplements. Those things may change the number on the scale temporarily, but in the long run you’ll ultimately be doing more harm than good and will see that number shoot right back up once you go back to your normal routine. If you feel you’re doing “everything right” and still not losing weight, then clearly something is not right. When we eat a healthy diet full of nutritious whole foods, exercise regularly, manage emotional stress, and get good quality sleep, our weight will naturally come to a healthy level for our body type. But when even one of these things is being neglected, you may notice some very unpleasant changes to not only your weight, but your energy levels and overall health.

Speaking of energy levels…how’s that resolution to drink less coffee and energy drinks going?? Caffeine and energy products are hugely popular! But guess what… you’re not tired because you are deficient in caffeine. You’re tired because you are either getting TOO MUCH of something toxic (sugar, refined carbs, processed foods, chronic mental/emotional stress) or TOO LITTLE of something you really need (vitamins/minerals, exercise, quality sleep). And sleep directly will impact how your body functions on a day-to-day basis. More quality sleep will not only mean less dependence on caffeine, but also a better functioning immune system, better muscle recovery, more mood stability, and yes, even better weight management!

Healing from within is key!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to like the way you look in the mirror. Positive body image is an important part of overall wellness. So having a goal to slim down, tone up, or improve your skin is great! But watch out for products boasting of amazing results with no change to your lifestyle. Remember that getting to the true root of the problem and fixing it from within is key. This means either ditching the products altogether or using products that support a healthy lifestyle, not replace it! Focusing on the true cause and healing from within will not only get you looking better, but will also get you functioning better. This means better quality years NOW and prevention of major health issues in the FUTURE. Sounds like a win win!

We know it’s not always easy to make the healthy choice, but we know it’s always worth it. If you’re struggling with getting started or staying on track, please reach out to set up a time to meet with me! You only get one body and one life to live, so why not make it a long and healthy one! We are here to help you Get Healthy and Stay Healthy for Life!


TFC Salutogenic Specialist


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