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Raise your hand if you are a ranch dressing lover? Of all the foods we find it difficult to give up when eating healthy, ranch is at the top of the list! But have you ever looked at the ingredients on a bottle of ranch, or those in a dry packet? They are SCARY and are definitely not part of a healthy plate! Here are some of the worst ingredients found in store-bought ranch dressing varieties.

Monosodium Glutamate (better known as MSG) – Pretty much one of the worst things you could put into your body! It’s a known excitotoxin (a neurotoxic chemical additive shown to harm nerve cell by overexciting them, sometimes to the point of cell death). Regular consumption destroys a significant numbers of brain cells, can lead to serious health problems including neurological disorders, and has been shown to stimulate the appetite and contribute to weight gain and obesity. Similar to MSG is disodium inosinate – also found in bottled ranch dressing.

Soybean oil (or vegetable oil, partially-hydrogenated, canola)– High in Omega-6 fatty acid, which is inflammatory and neutralizes the benefits of Omega-3s in your diet. The oxidation effect has been shown to contribute to inflammation in the body, DNA damage, elevated blood triglycerides, and impaired insulin response. The hydrogenation process creates trans fatty acids, which are known to contribute to heart disease and some cancers.

Maltodextrin: – Used as a thickener and preservative, it  is a highly processed component of this dressing. It can spike blood sugar, suppress the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut leading to autoimmune disorders, and has ZERO nutritional value.

So does that mean you have to ditch the ranch all together? No!

Luckily, we’ve found an AMAZING alternative (thanks to Dennis Wright)! This homemade ranch is easy to make, doesn’t contain any preservatives, and is simply delicious! We’ve think that it actually tastes WAY better than any of the grocery store options and hope you do too!

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