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If you are going to drink, be aware that pre-made mixed drinks are often packed with added sugars and artificial ingredients. The Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant shares with us how to skip the pre-made margarita mix you find in the store and go for fresh and local ingredients!

There are so many interesting things you can do to add variety to your margarita life without a store bought margarita mix.  At its most basic, a margarita is tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice.  Start with a good quality 100% Blue Agave Blanco Tequila and go from there. Blanco Tequilas have a true agave flavor and good ones will be smooth.  A Reposado  is sometimes used in a upscale margarita for more smoothness and the added flavors of aging.   Añejo tequilas are almost never used in a margarita. These more refined tequilas should be appreciated on their own for the time and craftsmanship that goes into them.

Pictured is the Franklin Inn’s Mango Jalapeño Infused Margarita.  Remove the seeds for more of a pepper taste and less heat.  Let the chiles sit in the tequila for a few days or longer. Combine with mango juice and something from your bar or fridge like citrus like lime, lemon, or sours.  If you don’t want to infuse the tequila you can make a flavored simple syrup.  The possibilities are endless. Experiment with honey, agave nectar, herbs, vanilla, brown sugar (really good with pineapple infusions!), fresh squeezed fruit, fruit juices, fruit syrups, sours, and other liqueurs and spirits.

What flavors do you enjoy together? What are you trying to accomplish taste-wise? When we were needing an alcohol free way way to create our Almost House Tequila Mix (we weren’t permitted to sell cocktails to go at the time), we substituted fresh squeezed orange or orange juice for the orange flavor normally imparted by the Triple Sec and Patron Citronage.  You can make your margarita spicy.  You can make your margarita sweet.  You can add savory elements. You can even do something different with your garnish or make a chile lime salt.  Tajin seasoning is a popular alternative for a salt rim.  With the local Farmer’s Markets opening, this is great time to play with flavors.  Go with an open mind and ask yourself if the offerings presented would play well with tequila and citrus.  If you think so, bring it home and give try it.  I’m sure you can find a volunteer willing to taste-test with you.

Have a fun and flavorful Summer! From your friends at The Franklin Inn!

Thank you to Wendy Cibula and The Franklin Inn for this delicious guest blog! Have fun creating your own fresh margaritas at home, or better yet, head down to the Franklin Inn to try one of theirs!

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